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Revistas electrónicas


  Acsm health fitness journal   ISSN: 1091-5397      


  Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly   ISSN: 0736-5829      


  Alto Rendimiento   ISSN: 1696-7652    


  American Journal of Physical Medicine&Rehabilitation   ISSN: 0894-9115      


  American journal of sports medicine, The   ISSN: 0363-5465      


  Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism   ISSN: 1715-5312      


  British journal of sports medicine   ISSN: 0306-3674      


  Clinics in sports medicine   ISSN: 0278-5919      


  Comparative exercise physiology   ISSN: 1755-2559      


  Current sports medicine reports   ISSN: 1537-890X      


  Exercise and sport sciences reviews   ISSN: 0091-6331      


  Foot and Ankle International   ISSN: 1071-1007      


  International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism   ISSN: 1526-484X      


  International journal of sports medicine   ISSN: 0172-4622      


  International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology   ISSN: 1750-984X (Print), 1750-9858 (Online)      


  Journal of aging and physical activity   ISSN: 1063-8652      


  Journal of applied biomechanics: JAB   ISSN: 1065-8483      


  Journal of Physical Activity & Health   ISSN: 1543-3080 (Print), 1543-5476 (Online)      


  Journal of sport & exercise psychology   ISSN: 0895-2779      


  Journal of sport management   ISSN: 0888-4773      


  Journal of sport rehabilitation   ISSN: 1056-6716      


  Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness   ISSN: 0022-4707      


  Journal of teaching in physical education   ISSN: 0273-5024      


  Journal of the Philosophy of the Sport   ISSN: 1331-1441      


  Natation magazine   ISSN: -      


  Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health   ISSN: 2159-676X (Print), 2159-6778 (Online)      


  Quest   ISSN: 0033-6297      


  Science et motricité   ISSN: 0984-2586      


  Sociology of Sport Journal   ISSN: 0741-1235      


  Spine   ISSN: 0362-2436      


  Sport in society   ISSN: 1743-0437 (Print), 1743-0445 (Online)      


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  Sports Medicine   ISSN: 0112-1642      


  Swimming World Magazine   ISSN: 0039-7431    


  Women in Sport and Physical Activity   ISSN: 1063-6161